Vick Strizheus Lauches New Scam – High Traffic Academy 2 (HTA2.0)



I just noticed that Vick Strizheus is launching a new product today, called High Traffic Academy 2, or HTA2.0 for short. I have previously blogged about him and the original version of this product.  This time, he has a new partner, Dr. David Thornton, in what seems to a an attempt to add some creditably.

There are some free videos available if you find the right links.  This is typical tactics when it comes to Vick.  I will post an update once I managed to view them.

And the price of this new product?  Can’t see it yet, but I have seen ads offering $1,500 discount presented as 75% discount.  That gives us a retail price of a whopping $2,000.  When Vick Strizheus scams you out of your hard earned cash, he certainly doesn’t go for small change!

Watch this space for updates…

Name: High Traffic Academy
Owner: Vick Strizheus
Price: From $297 per month
Review Score: 4.3 out of 10


UPDATE:  High Traffic Academy Video 1

High traffic academy video 1
Video 1 – Vick Waffles on Continuously – this video could be reduced to 15 minutes or less

I did my best, but so far only manged to watch about the first 30 minutes of this so-called “training”, before I got fed up.  Most if it is Vick Strizheus going on about his life story and his personal achievements (unverified, of course), and why you should believe him.  He barely stops to breathe.

Finally, at around 27 min he starts with some basic training relating to the process of making money online.  You could save yourself the time and get the same concepts, with better training instantly and free, simply by clicking here.

What has changed between from High Traffic Academy to High Traffic Academy 2.0?

Based on forum discussions and other affiliate reviews, it seems pretty much most of what was included in the original version is also included in the new release.  So this is not a new release but rather a relaunch, with some new bells and whistles added.

UPDATE 2016:

Strangely though, when I tried some of the older links from my email, they all now point to a new website:  Unlike the other HTA modules, this one has a free to join option.  But where does this fit in the big picture?

Seems the name HTA 2.0 no longer exists, and it’s just back to normal HTA.  Included in HTA is Project Breakthrough, with a load of other modules.  But if you find some old HTA 2.0 promotion links, they will now lead to Project Breakthrough.

Confused yet?!

 OK, so what is in the new version of High Traffic Academy?

The new version now has additional coaches to Vick:

  • Jason McClain
  • Josh Roaché
  • Angelo Lombardo


And the number of modules available are huge.  Here is everything listed per the website:

  • PPC Mastery
  • Retargeting Adwords
  • Retargeting with Addroll
  • RLSA with Google Adwords
  • SEO Traffic 101
  • Smart Biz Playbook
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Video Marketing on Youtube
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Content Marketing 101
  • Facebook Marketing 101
  • Funnel Mastery
  • Independent Biz Playbook
  • Landing Page Secrets
  • Media buying ROI
  • Project Breakthrough
  • Facebook Champion
  • Data Secrets
  • Email Marketing 101

There is also a tools section

  • Software
  • VJ Funnel


And if that was not enough to overwhelm you, there are now 3 groups which you can join:

  • Elite Mastermind ($297 per month)
  • Master Marketer ($2,995 per year basic, $5,995 per year pro, $15,995 per year platinum)
  • Founding Members


How does High Traffic Academy work?

The website is really confusing in this regard.  The information overload is huge.  It feels almost like a shopping site for loads of expensive internet marketing products.

It appears from the home page that it is up to you as the customer to decide which program you want to start with.  First in line with the options is Core Training, at an eye watering $1,997 per year.

There is no FAQ section the website, and no guidance as what level you should start.  Either this website is under development, or this just the back end of a sales funnel.  That just means that they bring in new members through a cheap or free offer (probably Project Breakthrough in this case), then continuously market various upsells in order to sell as many high ticket programs as they can.

What is really concerning is that these are just the training modules.  On top of that you will probably need some of the tools they offer as well.  And there is even more – when you look at the names of all the modules, these are all paid advertising methods.  You will need a HUGE budget just to get started with these.

What does High Traffic Academy Cost?

That depends on the level you want to start at.  There are so many modules in there that it hard to say how much you will have to pay.  It all depends on what level you are at the moment, .but here are some guidelines:

  • Core Training – $1,997 per year
  • Affiliate Marketing 101 – $297 per year
  • PPC Mastery – $497 per year
  • Retargeting Adwords – $297 per year
  • Master Marketer Group Platinum – $15,995 per year!


PLUS all you paid advertising, autoresponder, tracker etc.


Who is High traffic Academy suited for?


If you are already an experienced and successful internet marketer, then you might see a module that could be of interest to you.  And if you have that kind of money to spend, you could give it a try.


For less experienced marketers: unless you have a huge budget to spend, enjoy lots of hype videos and like to gamble, I suggest you stay clear of this.  It’s easy to loose thousands of dollars in a short space of time with products like these.


Would I recommend High Traffic Academy?


It is hard to see any real benefit in products like these.  Take into account the cost of the products, plus the advertising cost.


I have personally experience the thrills of paid advertising (PPC, Banner Ads, etc), but learned very quickly that even though you can make some good money, you can just as easily lode it on the next campaign.


Having your own quality website and using ethical SEO is in my view still the most effective way to make a living online.  This is what I learned at the Wealthy Affiliate University.  And it is much more affordable:

You can afford more than 5 years of Wealthy Affiliate Premium for one year HTA Core Training.  And that includes everything you need, no additional modules or training to purchase.  Youn can a Wealthy Affiliate University review here.



8 thoughts on “Vick Strizheus Lauches New Scam – High Traffic Academy 2 (HTA2.0)”

    • I checked it out, but I see he recommends binary options trading…not too sure about that one.. I’ll take a look though and maybe test & review if I feel that I can figure the binary options thing out. It just doesn’t seem safe to me, because trying to to predict markets is like trying to predict the future.

  1. Just an FYI, I saw in a recent insider video that Vick has hired a team of lawyers who are going hard after anyone using his hame and HTA in same sentience as “Scam”. I do not think he has a leg to stand on but watch you back. Let me know if he does and I will join in on any action to fight. He is bad news and ruining the good name of affiliate marketing.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I think Empower Network are using the same tactics. I think its mostly a scare tactic, don’t see how you can sue someone for expressing their opinion. Even his own affiliates are using fake scam or review headlines to draw in more hits from the search engines.

    • **** vick he is a con man and scamed me so i dont give a **** about his lawyers maybe he should of learned his lesson in 2007 when he was doing insurance scams but since he got an easy sentence this time i cant wait till he gets busted maybe i should get a team of lawyers to put that con man where he belongs!

  2. Vick and Jason teach you all about affiliate marketing and how to pick products, cpa, cpc, using sales funnels and everything else you know to make money online and they do it all for free! They aren’t selling anything.

    • Hi Susan. I have updated my post after visiting the new HTA site. Things have changed a lot. Project Breakthrough is what I think you are referring to, because that seems free to join. But everything on has a price on it, there is nothinh for free!


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