Traffic Elixir Review – A Scam that Does not Work as it Claims!


This my honest, non affiliate, no bonus type review of  Traffic Elixir, just another Precious Ngwu up-sell scam.


Name: Traffic Elixir
Owner: Precious Ngwu
Price: 49.95 + $315 in upsells + spinning software $37 per month
Rebview Score: 3.7 out of 10


Introduction – What is Traffic Elixir and How Does it Work?

It is a WordPress plugin that helps you to schedule posts to Google + Communities, in an effort to driving traffic to your website or affiliate links.  The name refers to the Elixir of Life, implying that this traffic generation will be evergreen and work indefinitely – a very bold claim to make!

You search manually for groups that are not private (currently most of them are not not) and join them. The user manual recommends joining about 20 of them per G+ profile, and to focus on the those relating to your niche or web site.

Next you set these groups in the plugin through your dashboard.  Once you set them up you are ready to start scheduling your posts.  The Traffic Elixir plugin use a specific spinning software called  Spin Rewriter, which has a 5 day trial, but after that it will cost you £37 per month, or $ 197 per year or $497 for life.  How would you like to fork that out immediately after you purchased this product?

Here is a quick screenshot showing what it looks like in WordPress Dashboard:

traffic elixir review


Pros vs Cons


  • The plugin is quick and easy to install
  • Some good information on Google + Communities and why it is a good idea to use them – this is new information I have not heard before


  • The sales page is deceptive – you will not get those type results with the basic version.  You need all the up-sells to get that type of results
  • Spinning software – even though the manual states that this is not required but highly recommended, you will not get the results promised without it, because you will be posting duplicate content
  • Unethical practices – spinning content is a controversial method of creating content, and blasting your posts to multiple communities will probably flagged in future Google + updates
  • Incorrect use of Google + Communities – you will probably not get great responses from this method.  There are real people behind these communities, and you will need to engage in the right way with a attitude of first giving/helping before you expect to receive (here is a very good video showing  use Google+ Communities the ethical way).
  • Poor training – the manual encourages you to quickly join up to 20 groups with larger user numbers.  This does not take into account the actual volume and quality of the activity within the groups. (see link above for more on that).
  • JV followup sales – when I tested this product, I was invited to webinar through my email.  It had some interesting points, but at the end pitched a product starting at $499.  This had nothing to with Traffic Elixir, and at the end of the webinar you will reach the conclusion that this other product was actually all you needed to start with!  How would you feel if you already took all the up-sells?! And What self-respecting owner cross sells another product that would render yours obsolete, and that while in launch stage?!
  • Reputation of owner – Precious Ngwu is known for not honoring his 30 day refund requests, I know this from personal experience!  He has also been banned from the Warrior Forum.
  • Lack of honest Traffic Elixir reviews – All reviews I found was from affiliates promising you thousands of dollars in bonus products for buying through their affiliate link.  But I did not see any proof of them actually using it and achieving the results its is claimed to be capable of.  And this is why, check out what I found after doing a bit research and found the JV site :


traffic elixir scam


All the affiliates are competing for cash prizes, and have no incentive for providing an actual honest review!


Conclusion: Traffic Elixir is a Scam!

Although the plugin works and basically does what it is supposed to, in my books this is a scam, because

  • The sales page gets you hooked in at $49.95, but then you get pressured into the up-sells to actually get the results promised.
  • You will probably not be able to get a refund if you don’t like this
  • There is no way to guarantee that this will work long term, eventually  Google will catch on and stop this kind of spamming in its Communities
  • Currently there are no real, honest affiliate reviews showing any proof of success with this.

You don’t need to spam or spin content to be successful with your website. I recommend you stop going after the next magic, push button plugin on sale. and learn the ethical way to do internet marketing.

Lets take a look at how Traffic Elixir compares to a product that I can recommend:


What do you think?

Have you tried using Traffic Elixir? Did you get any results?

Do you agree/disagree with my review verdict of this being a scam?

Let me know in the comments box below…






10 thoughts on “Traffic Elixir Review – A Scam that Does not Work as it Claims!”

  1. Hi Wally, I enjoyed reading your review and it sounds like Traffic Elixir is yet another scam. As you say people should stop going after these programs that promise so much. Intead they should invest in serious tools and build legitimate businesses. Incidentally I have read elsewhere that some people have managed to get refunds. All the best, Peter

    • Thanks for the comment Peter. I really wanted to add a honest Traffic Elixir review to make up for the scam affiliate reviews that dominate the search engine results.

      I agree that people should avoid tools that are reality a form of spam, and instead go for quality traffic and not quantity.

    • You’re welcome Percival, that is exactly what makes writing these reviews worth the time spent – saving someone else from wasting their money.

  2. I installed it on my website and at first it worked fine, but as stated, there are too many duplicate ads going out. Then after a few times it stopped working. I was never able to get it working even after contacting support several times. The last time I tried it wouldn’t work at all. No sales from my efforts. BTW, the website link above goes to a redirect. I had to uninstall the WP site after somebody got into the back of it and destroyed my site.

    • That sounds like a typical Precious Ngwu scam to me. I tested Traffic Mice a while back and the same thing happened. Once he goes past the launch, there is no more support or updates to the software. And yes, you end up just spamming the Goolge+ communities, not a smart way to market.

      That is a shame about your website. I highly recommend the website builder and web-hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, it backs up your site regularly and includes hacking & intrusion monitoring.


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