Vick Strizheus Scam

Vick Strizheus Scam – Is he still going at it?


I did not originally intend to include scam discussion on this site, but when you are involved in any type of earning online activity, you also get exposed to the con artists and scams.  And the only way to expose these scams are to write about it, and hope that someone will read about before they get sucked in.

So recently I opened an email from someone promoting some website, I did not pay much attention to it.  As soon realized what it was, I closed it, but something did catch my eye.  On the actual website, it said “your sponsor is Vick Strizheus”, but the sender had his own “brander tool” on the right.  So we have someone promoting this website, trying to get referrals, but when they sign up, they go to Vick?

I deleted the email and left at that, but then I started to remember something.  I while back saw I viewed an intro one of Vick’s products, but my research on him revealed quite a story.



Vick Strizheus (birth name Vitaliy) is an internet marketer, who claims to have made millions online using his special techniques.  He is know for products such as

He did jail time for insurance fraud due to making false claims in 2009.  At his trial the prosecutors called him a con artist, but the judge still went easy on him and he only did 90 days in jail, with the rest of his sentence suspended (you can read about here).

Vick received a second chance, but it seems he is wasting it buy finding new ways to scam people out of their money.  So I went into research mode again to get a better understanding about what he is up to.


Vick Strizheus complaints – what is it really about?

The main complaints against him can be summarized in these major areas:

  1. Over selling and under delivering on his products/services (promises of instant riches, etc.)
  2. Seems to continuously abandon his membership programs only to start off with another new, next best thing website – members of the previous programs are left without support
  3. Promotes questionable organisations, like the Empower Network (click here see what an ethical online business really looks like)
  4. Stealing subscribers, leads and commissions from his downlines (see video below for full detail)


On point number 4, this is exactly what I was referring in my introduction.  Vick and his die-hard supporters have been claiming for a long time that these are all due to mistakes, technical errors regarding website coding errors, etc.

But this has been going for a while time, and you will see in this video for proof about how this actually works, straight from one of his victims:

(This video might be removed at some point, Vick has been known to intimidate his victims with legal action when they speak out)


A while ago I viewed that exact introduction training in the video (at about 04:00 into the video) for High Traffic Academy.  I decided to not get involved, because I did not quite understand the whole re-targeting concept and using cookies, hidden redirection scripts, etc.   But what he claims is that once someone viewed his email capture form for just for a second, even if they don’t subscribe, the embedded code will “re-target” banner ads on certain websites they view, and it will all be his ads.  It was a bit too technical for me to understand, but I thought it sounded unethical and left it at that.

But let me tell you Vick knows a LOT about these things, regarding affiliate links and cookies/scripts.  So are we really expected to believe that he runs a course on this whole subject, and then “accidentally” ends up getting his affiliate link popping up on the promotion pages of his members – about 1 in 3 times?


Latest Vick Strizheus  News

Seems like Vick and  Empower Network Are not getting along as well as they used to. In this blog post, Vick says he has been banned.



There are lot of online scams out there, and sometimes it seems the people behind them just keep landing on their feet.  If you have found this page because you are searching for a legitimate way to make money online, I highly recommend that you take a look at what I’m using right now.


6 thoughts on “Vick Strizheus Scam”

  1. It’s curious that Vick hasn’t deleted the negative comments on his blog.

    Apparently, Empower Network banned Vick from their program because of the things he was doing there, specially, stealing subscribers from his downline.

    His is an expert and professional online marketer, lamentally, it seems that apparently, it is in his blood the scamming gene.

    • Yes, and Vick is at it again. Seems like High Traffic Academy 2.0 is launching soon, and Vick’s affiliates are already all over the search engine results. The true con artist never stops!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to investigate that horse’s ass. I almost got sucked in to one of his programs myself.

  3. He is up to it again. Now everything is paid a la cart and have to pay as much as $20,000 for basic things you can get for free or pennies on the $. including community engagement! Welcome to HTA 3.0 Avoid Avoid Avoid


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