My name is Wally I am the creator of this website.

I started this site after I managed to create my first own website with Siterubix.  I decided to share my experience with other people who doubted their ability to create a website, simply because they don’t know anything about code or design.  This very website is only the second one I built, and it proof that anyone can learn how to do it.  Everything you see here was done with the Siterubix tools and Wealthy Affiliate training that came with it.


If you want to ask me any questions on Siterubix and how you can set up your own free website, leave me a comment below, or if you can reach me on my WA profile (here is a link to my profile).

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  1. Hi Wally:

    Some of your links in different blog posts lead to your blog on P4P when they should take to your WA presentation.

    Above you give your WA profile link, but messages here can be sent by Premium members only.



    • Thanks for your feedback, but the site is doing what I want it to do based on the WA training. Yes, the home page is blog roll, which looks confusing I admit. I just need to figure out how to show preview panes on the blog roll as opposed to the full post.

  2. I have been a free member of WA for almost a year now.

    I did all the steps that can be taken by a free member.

    I haven’t upgraded to Premium because at present I am paying for hosting (Hostgator), domain name (GoDaddy), autoresponder (TrafficWave) for my website: , I can’t afford an additional monthly fee.

    I have tried all kinds of things to build an income generating website but it seems real difficult to get constant traffic. I have had terrible experiences online with scam artists destroying years of work from previous websites I had built.

    In one website (Spanish language) I had been building it for five (5) years, then the programmer disappeared and all his affiliates were left with nothing. This was my initiation in online marketing.

    Because of that experience I turn to English language marketing. This time after almost four (4) years, a similar thing happened. The basic thing here was that the Program owner was a reseller of domain names and of autoresponder and the hosting provided. If I had my own hosting, autoresponder, and domain name direct registration I would had kept them.

    Because of the above I learn to buy hosting directly from the provider and to investigate that it was a reliable one (HostGator) and the same with domain name (GoDaddy), and autoresponder (TrafficWave).

    I have been working on my present website for over three years and have had some ups and down. I have tried Amazon, Adsense, CPA, affiliate offers.

    I have been working on a static website doing all kinds of offers.

    At present, I am dedicating more time to WordPress blogs with subdomains from my authority website. Example:

    As you can appreciate I have been trying to be a successful online marketer for over twelve (12) years and still being in the initial stages.

    I guess one of my difficulties have been looking for that magic button. Although I have had experiences where I have dedicated sometimes over a month with a Program to discover that I was hitting my head againsta a concret wall, because the system was too complicated, too expensive, or just didn’t work, or that its effectiveness was good before, but not now.

    With my past experiences I had lost years of having links all over the net, that were supposed to generate income in long terms, but since I lost the domain names, people clicking those links will be taken to a none existing url.

    I tried e-bay, but when ebay changed their rules, I made the mistake of leaving it all together.

    I have tried several affiliate programs, and bought softwares, but I guess I met with the wrong unsupportive people.

    I have been weighting the offer of changing to WA, but I don’t know if I can move my website to them.

    I have created a few videos and have some on YouTube.

    Have tried Fiverr, too.

    You name it, I have been there, but no profits.

    Can you give some profitable suggestions?



    • If you have been at this for so many years, you’re biggest challenge will be to forget all the previous teachings and methods you have picked up.

      Have you really completed all the free training in WA? Have you actually taken the action steps in the Getting Started training or the Affiliate Boot-camp? Is your current site producing any revenue? If not, I would leave it and gain some experience with a free siterubix website

      Also, you are paying for a autoresponder. Are you growing a list? Is the list making you any money? If not. let it go. I’ve been there, and had to do that. And why would you use Trafficwave? It is the hardest to learn and operate in my experience.

      I checked out your website. If you have completed your WA training like you said you did, it does not seem like you applied it. The site does not have a topic or niche. And you are promoting other internet earning programs on there. Seems like you are trying to blend WA with what you already have; successful WA members don’t spread themselves too thin, they start wit one website, implement their training and forget the advice of so-called gurus.

      My suggestion? If your website and autoresponder is not making a profit, cancel them. Build a free niche site with your WA starter membership. Once you make a profit, upgrade to premium and build a sir on your own domain (hosting included).


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