You Can Set up a website for free even if you have no experience

So you want to make your own website?  Just keep reading, and I show you how to get a free website, and also what you can do with your website once you have it up and running.

You can do it the long way, if you go through all the steps in this wikiHow guide.  Or you can do what I show you below.  If you want to read the guide, it will prove to you that I am not biased in my recommendation, since it ticks pretty much all the boxes (there is no free service that will tick them all!)

Watch this video below to see how you have it all set up about in 30 seconds, with a $0.00 starter account at Siterubix (created by Wealthy Affiliate University):


What you saw in the video is a WordPress platform, which is used by many websites (what is WordPress?).  Even with the starter pack, there are many benefits:

  • Its really easy to setup your website with the help of Siterubix (as seen in the above video)
  • You can do 2 proper websites without even taking out credit card
  • No annoying ads on your site and no harassment for upgrades
  • WordPress deals with a lot of technical aspects behind the scenes (I’m no expert in web design, but I was able to build this site)
  • Even with a free tarter account you get access to basic help in the WA community, and the getting started training
  • WordPress has so many plugins you can install to improve your website design experience.

Where else can you get a free website with hosting and no ads?  I have not seen any.


Why don’t you  give it a try?  Have go at it right now (it’s FREE):

“But I don’t know much about website design and the technical stuff”

Guess what – neither do I.

But I’ve managed to build this very website with the training I received with my Siterubix starter account.  There is no reason to feel intimidated, you just have to jump in and get your feet wet.  Everybody has to learn somehow, so don’t give up before you have even started.  If you can handle Microsoft Word, you can handle writing content for your pages or blogs.


“I’ve built my website, but what can I do with it now?”


Good question, and you will find the answer to that when you log into your free starter account.  You see, Siterubix a tool that forms part of the Wealthy Affiliate training program.  With your free starter account, you get free access to the Getting Started  training, which shows you step by step how to start making a online business from your website.  Or, if you simply want to know how to get more visitors to your website, that is covered too.  I highly recommend you create a starter account and browse around – there is so much information in there that its impossible for me to to list it all here.

There are thousands of members contributing in the community.  so it does not matter if you already have experience in online marketing, or if you feel like you need a guide for affiliate marketing for dummies (click here to learn what affiliate marketing is).

If you are mystified by how the process works of earning money from a website, take a look at this blog post on How to start an online business at home


Do you Agree or Disagree?

Do you have better free website builder that you use?

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10 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Excellent post on how to set up a website for FREE 🙂

    Back in the old school days of internet marketing, if you wanted a website building, it was either a case of learning the technical skills on how to do it ourselves or paying a web designer a lot of money to have one created.

    This post easily helps newbies out there who want to build a Free website the quick and simple way.


    • Thanks Neil. I remember trying to build a website for the first time about 10 years ago. Spend some money on ebooks and other training, but gave up because it was technically too complicated for me – so you can imagine my excitement being able sue website builder like this and seeing my site unfolding in front of my eyes.

  2. Very informative Wally. I am a member of WA too and it is a great education platform on building websites. It’s also great that they let you get started for free.

  3. Hi Wally.
    Great post. You have pointed new and old in the right direction. Very informative.
    Back in 2002 I had my first website building experience. It was on Angelfire. Don’t even know if they are still around. I had to learn how to build a website from scratch all in html. At the time I thought it was fun because it was all new to me. It was very time consuming though.
    I know a lot of people nowadays who either don’t have time or do not have the mentality to do that.
    The best thing is you don’t need to as you have plainly shown in your post.

    • I have learned a tiny bit of basic html through the years, which started by investigating the code provided by affiliate programs for their banners and text ads. It would have taken me ages to do this website without the tools I described in my post.

  4. Great info here! You saved a lot of my time and money trying to figure out how to set up a website. I’ve always wanted to setup a website years ago but I was intimidated by the complicated techy stuff. Thanks for your help!


  5. Great information on the services provided with Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix. Being a loyal member myself, I just wanted take a moment to share my experience.

    I originally signed up for the free website setup, and now after 10 months I realized the extra value they provide.

    On top of the great free web-hosting service, those that want to push further and learn all of the tricks of internet marketing can get the training right there.

    The premium membership allows for unlimited website hosting, amazing training in video step-by-step, live assistance, along with a free keyword analysis tool.

    Great product, and great review!

    • I’m glad that you decided to stick with it Damien. It does takes patience to learn all the skills, but your education & training is worth investing in.


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