Traffic ProfitPro Review – Can It Show You How To Make Money With Traffic Exchanges?


Traffic ProfitPro is a training and traffic exchange downline builder system.  Anyone who has ever tried and failed to make money with traffic exhanges probably wonder if all traffic exchanges are scams.  So I decided to see what Tarffic ProfitPro actually  has to offer


Name: Traffic ProfitPro
Owner: John Bell
Price: Free to join, Upgrade options
Review Score: 6.8 out of 10

What is Traffic ProfitPro  and how does it work?

For a peek into the actual members area, here is nice little video:


There are 3 elements to the membership area:

  1. Training section
  2. Traffic Exchange Downline Builder
  3. Promotional Tools

so its quite simple, you read through the training, complete the tasks that come up as you go along, and then promote your TPP pages in Traffic Exchanges, following the surf strategies per the lessons.   Other users join though your link, building your traffic exchange downlines, which give you more free credits to advertise more, and so it continues and escalates.

What do you get for the Traffic ProfitPro upgrade?

It currently costs $67.95 for a lifetime upgrade, or $5.95 per month and $37.95 yearly subscriptions.

To fully utilise your pro membership you will also need a Trafficwave autoresponder, which is free for 30 days and then $18 per month.

You will get access to lessons 10 to 18, but to be honest from 13 upward is all about starting & managing your own traffic exchange.  The averge user won’t be ready to do this, and I doubt that this training on its own is sufficient to make you successful.  To be fair though, John Bell is sharing his inside information on managing a successful traffic exchange, and not many TE owners will be willing to do that.

What are the main Pro’s and Cons of Traffic ProfitPro?


  • The training is very thorough, explaining what is probably the only realistic way to profit on Traffic exchanges
  • Lesson 6 has good a really point on why most users fail using TE’s, which I have never considered before.
  • The lessons are step by step, easy to follow and really thorough
  • You are forced to take action  by completing steps at some lessons by confirming ID’s, or that a link has been submitted – this will prevent the usual tendency of TE users to scan through and not take action
  • The is forum where you can ask questions and discuss various traffic exchange sites
  • The integration with Trafficwave autoresponder available to Pro members is really easy and seamless.  The follow up letters are are already written, so there is very little else to do, which will help those new to autoresponders


  • It will require a long time, patience, and hours of surfing to see results
  • Too much competition & saturation at Admaster Plus (the lessons suggest you start advertising here), almost every 3rd page is a TPP promotion page
  • The weekly Promoter competition results in competition among members at same TE’s
  • I have a problem with TE surfing in general – see my Team Atlantis Review for detailed discussion
  • Manipulating the autoresponder landing url’s, though you are paying for TW. You might be building your own list, but John Bell still manages to control what is displayed on your thank you pages.  I would have preferred to at least show them the TPP main page after confirmation, so that subscribers will remember what its all about
  • Focus mainly on building John Bell programs: Admaster Plus, Traffic Swirl and Explosive Traffic. You get to add one custom TE to the downline builder section, but you have to choose from a list.  To really expand your  traffic exchange downlines, you will need to propmote something like TE Hoopla to your auto responder subscibers
  • Contrary to Lesson 12, when I started using the autoresponder capture pages, my conversions went down completely, and not 10x more as claimed in the training! I suspect that TE users too distracted and don’t bother reading the follow up emails.  Or they simply use an address the don’t really check, just out of curiosity.  This is why it would have been helpful to set the landing page at least to the main TPP page, so you could have chance to grab their attention, but this is not something you can customize

My results with Traffic ProfitPro?

I am still busy testing this and will update my review over time.  But here is what I have found so far:

I experienced a much better than expected click through ratio on my promotional pages.  Clearly the Tarffic ProfitPro system is very targeted to the Traffic Exchange users, and deals with the frustration most surfers face.  This makes it easy to get TE surfers interested in clicking on the promotional pages or completing the lead capture pages.

The weird part though – as mentioned above – was that even though I had many subscribers added to my autoresponder once I upgraded, the open rates on my emails was only around an average of 10%!  In fact, my number of referrals stalled once I connected my promotional pages with the lead capture form, and at the time of writing, not a single conversion from the email follow ups.  This part of the Traffic ProfitPro training is clearly flawed.  I am actually considering testing the removal of the TW inetragtion and see how the results compare.

Final verdict: would I recommend Traffic ProfitPro?

I have to say that this is the only realistic way I have seen to make a success from traffic exchanges, apart from TE profits (currently undergoing major updates)

But to have a real chance at online business, you can’t just rely on one system, controlled completely by the owner.

If you take all you hours of surfing and invest that time into the training like that available at Wealthy Affiliate University, it will pay much bigger dividends in the long run.  And the benefit of not being bombarded with constant advertising and offers of the next big thing is a big plus!


Lets see how they compare: 

What do you think? Give some feedback!

Do you agree or disagree with my opinions?

Are you using Traffic ProfitPro and getting better results that me?

Do you think traffic exchanges really work?

Leave a comment below and let’s have some discussions!

2 thoughts on “Traffic ProfitPro Review – Can It Show You How To Make Money With Traffic Exchanges?”

  1. Wally, thank you for your candid review. I am a member in the original program of this type called TE Profits created by Scott Douglas. John appears to have adopted a similar business model.

    The audience in traffic exchanges are interested in internet marketing and related sub niches in money making, web tools and traffic generation.

    As I am in the internet marketing niche, I find traffic exchanges useful for list building and getting traffic to my site. I use it for about 10% of my marketing strategy.

    I wouldn’t suggest it for other niches or for trying to get direct sales. I agree that it takes time, patience and a lot of surfing if one is not buying surfing credits. ~Jude

    • Hi June, thanks for adding your experience.

      I know TE Profits and thought Scott did a good job, considering he built that himself from own experience. Being copied by John Bell must be a compliment to him! I think that he has a better downline builder going, compared to my tests with Traffic ProfitPro. Or maybe it is just that everyone has already joined all the TE’s. On the other side, maybe there are too many TE’s popping up and users are not really loyal to few any more. Even with substantial TPP downline, I did not earn more than a few credits from downline surfing.

      In my testing list building in TE’d yield a very low success rate. Traffic Exchange users are curious if you focus on their interests, but they rarely follow things through before they get distracted by next ‘shiny new object’ In my stats, only about 20% actually conform subscription or use a real email, even if you target marketing niches directly. And the ones that do subscribe, once again about 20% open rate. So if you mange to get 100 forms filled in, expect about 20 confirming, and of those 20, only 4 subscribers actually reading your emails.

      That’s a lot of work in my opinion. I would rather invest my time building a sustainable online business.


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