How to start an online business at home

How to start an online business at home with no previous experience?

There are many different ways to start an online business at home, because there are endless ways to start a business on the web and off the web.

But there are some basics, or foundations that you need to get right, regardless of what you aiming to do as your business.  I will try my best to describe them as straightforward as possible.

The starting point – get your own website

It is important to understand that I don’t mean that just any website, you need to get your own website.  That excludes free blogging platforms.  I also need to point out that just posting videos or using social networks is not enough to have a successful online business.  Ownership is one the fundamentals of real online business.  If you can’t change the look and design of your website, it is too limited.

And you don’t want other people’s ads showing up on your website, which happens with a lot of free website solutions.  If any ads are going to show up, it needs to your own ads which you chose to put up, or third party ads under your control.  Once again – ownership.


What goes on your website – creating your content

Content is what you post on your website, and includes the writing, videos, images, discussion boards, etc.

Your content will determine how people experience your website, and what action they take once they view your site.  If they like it, they will stay on page, click on links for more information, and take interest in any products you have to offer.  If they trust your content, they will trust you, and that makes them more likely to buy something from link on your site, or maybe return to your site to buy something a bit later.


Get your website viewed – getting traffic

Traffic is term used for getting website visitors.  Web traffic in itself is a huge online market, because the potential to make money from website visitors.  Unfortunately that has resulted in some really bad advice being sold, some of which is outright scams.  Other products are just purely outdated.  The online world changes constantly and so does the means of getting traffic.

There are 2 main ways of getting traffic:  Free vs Paid

Paid traffic can be anything from buying banner advertising on someone’s website which is already getting a high volume of traffic, paying for the sponsored ads you often see

 at the top of your Google searches or email marketing.

The most common and effective form of free adverting is getting your site ranked in Google, which will be the result of the quality of your content you post on your website.  This obviously leads to a lot of competition, and there is a large amount of information online on this subject.  The best way to find out what is working currently is to be part of online community like the one at WA.


From website views to earnings – the process of making money

Once you have a website with a constant flow of visitors, there are so many ways to make money from it. Here only a few ideas to get you thinking

  • Selling your own product on your website
  • Third party advertising (other people by advertising space on your site
  • Link to affiliate products (you earn a commission for leading them to another site if they buy something)
  • Offering online services as a freelancer or a tutor
  • Selling your website (sometimes an  established business will want to buy a competing website, and make a handsome offer for it)


How to start an online business at home
How to start an online business at home


How to get started without getting overwhelmed 

The biggest mistake people make when starting their online business is to just Google things and try whatever shows in their search results.

There are a lot of bad information out there, some of which are just plain scams.  I have tried some of them myself, and eventually found the WA membership to be the best training I have come across.  They have been going for 10 years now, which is huge in comparison to other programs which have come and gone in short time frames.  There is whole community of like minded people inside who would be happy to help you get started, regardless of your current level of knowledge and experience.  And the best of, it come with a free trial account, so you can check things before you even take out your credit card.  I challenge you to find that anywhere else online.

Get your free starter account now.

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