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Only 1 minute to make your own free website – what’s holding you back?

Maybe you have seen the video and read my review.  But the thought of actually jumping in and making your first site is still too daunting.

I have certainly been there myself.  I sent so much time trying to come up with the best niche, best site title, the best idea and even worrying about what kind of content I would put on my site.  And this was all before I actually logged into my new Siterubix website for the first time!


I procrastinated because I felt intimidated.

The only way to get better at this is to do it.  You have 2 free sites with a starter account, and unlimited with premium.  If you don’t like what you have done, change it.  Delete a page that does not work for you.  Change the theme if you want.  Or even delete the site and start all over if that’s what you need.

Once I got into things, I started to learn and felt more comfortable.  If I got stuck, I asked questions in WA community.  I had some times where I wanted pull my hair out because I felt like I did not know what I was doing, but I persisted.  I had a phobia about actually publishing my pages and posts, because I wanted them to be perfect.

In the end I realized that there is a long time between publishing your page and actually getting consistent traffic, or getting your website indexed by Google.  I also learned to accept that my content will never be perfect in my eyes.  In fact, I learned in the WA community that there is no such thing as perfect content.


I stopped making excuses

So, are you making excuses?  If you are ready to make your own free website, stop making excuses and get started in the next few minutes!

Have questions? Any comments?  Post them below…


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