We Buy Emails Review – Old Method, New packaging

We Buy Emails claims to be a revolutionary new internet app, with users “showing immediate never seen before, unimaginable results”. In this review I will explain why I don’t this method as new, and even though it is not a scam, I don’t expect it to yield results anywhere close to what the sales page claims.

Name: We Buy Emails

We Buy Emails Review
We Buy Emails Sales Page

Owner: Paul Derby

Website: webuyemails.com

Cost to join: 4.25 for 2-week trial, then $49 per month or $499 per year

One time Offers: None

Upgrades: $495 per year for Tarffic App (limited info available at this time)

Features: Front end proposal system. You promote the system, earn commissions and can download your leads

Risk factors: Average

Ethical score: Average



What is We Buy Emails and how does it work?

The system promises to deliver buyer leads only. It does this through a front end proposal system, which simply means you sell something for small price to qualify someone as a buyer, and you obtain their email address at the same time.

In theory, that is supposed to indicate that the lead is a willing buyer with money to spend. The reality in my experience is that there is no guarantee that someone will buy from you, especially when you are promoting an affiliate product and not your own.

The leads know who the product owner is because they purchased the front end product through his website. However, they don’t know who you are and your emails to them will have to be crafted carefully as you don’t have a trust relationship with them yet.


At the time of writing this the program was in launch phase so there is a lot of information missing. Training is not available in the membership area and you have to wait to attend live events via Zoom meetings.

What you get when you sign up for the $4.25 trial:

  • Your own affiliate account to promote We Buy Emails
  • List of contact details of anyone who signs up for the trial, which you can download
  • Affiliate Commissions from purchases your referrals make

Pros – What I liked

  • The 2-week free trial during launch
  • Low entry price
  • No upsells after

Cons – What I didn’t like

  • Affiliate Commons are only paid buy cheque. If you are not a US resident this is risky.
  • Very limited information in the member’s area
  • The billing is unclear, looks like you will be charged $49 per month after the 2-week trial but I could not see that on the order page.
  • You will not get any leads or sales without traffic. At the time I took the free trial there was no traffic generation training available.
  • The hype about a revolutionary system, when it is simply another way of presenting an old marketing technique

Financial Risk Exposure

Not a lot of risk with a $4.25 once off fee. I do have some concerns though about recurring billing, since that is not mentioned on the sales page but not explained on the order page.

As mentioned above the only option for commissions are cheques. This is means you will wait a long time for your commissions, the cheques can lost in the mail or they could bounce.

Is this program ethical?

Based on the limited affiliate information available in the member’s area, this does not appear to be a recruitment scam or MLM type structure.

Paying only by cheque does raise some questions. Ethical affiliate programs do not have an issue paying out via PayPal, like Wealthy Affiliate, who have been paying via PayPal for over 10 years without incident.

Conclusion: Would I recommend We Buy Emails?

This is low risk for the initial setup fee. If you are comfortable with traffic generation you might be able to make some commissions, but understand that in the current format you are not really offering your leads anything special, so don’t expect them to rush to buy what you have to offer.

If you have $49 per month or $499 per year to spend, you could get tons more value with a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.  Youn read the full Wealthy Affiliare review here, or continue to the quick summary below:

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