Twice Confirmed Traffic Scam Review

My personal Twice Confirmed Traffic Scam Review – Does it work in 2019?

twice confirmed traffic

Overall Ranking:        1/10
Price:                           59.95 per month
Owners:                       Tyler Anderson


What is Twice Confirmed Traffic?

Twice confirmed traffic is a paid traffic service, claiming to have completely changed the game of paid advertising.  The service is supposed to be the resale of paid traffic (but they won’t reveal any details on the true source) which has been tested already by the owners to convert (once confirmed), and combined with an member community, where paid members can confirm if they made sales or generated leads – making it ‘twice confirmed’.



  • Very easy to use, no training required as you simply need to add your links.
  • About 1 in 20 people in popular forums claim to have made sales with this service.  Unfortunately some of these positive feedback appear suspicious and could be fake.  But I don’t have proof, so it’s only fair that I mention it.


  • There is only a 24 hour refund policy – not nearly enough time for testing results
  • No details about source of the traffic is  revealed in any way – not even your number of hits to your links
  • The source of the traffic is suspicious – see my detailed overview & testing below
  • The “confirmation bay” is also suspect – I tested the same products with no results
  • On a popular internet marketing forum there are claims that the community is fake – members reported being unable to add their own posts to it
  • Aggressive MLM type affiliate payment plan, encouraging members to promote this like crazy
  • Most people who buy this service don’t know enough about tracking and have no idea as to why they are not getting results
  • It show similarity in some areas to the Submission Works Scam, could be from the same creators
  • Basically, it DOES NOT WORK


I tested this product myself, so I will walk you through what to expect.

You sign up for the service with your credit card.  It is a monthly recurring billing, and will continue until you cancel your subscription (which they did do promptly when requested).

When you log in, there is some basic training, which I skipped because the concept is simple; you enter some links you want to send traffic to.  The more links you enter, the more your traffic is distributed evenly across your links.

You can look at the confirmation bay to see what is supposedly working right now.  They are categorized into different sections, as you see below:

twice confirmed traffic review

The programs move everyday up and down as indicated by the arrows.  I doubt whether this has any real resemblance, I think it’s all fake.

Note that I blacked out the details, because most them were questionable products/services and do want to allow temptation to get the best of anyone.

I added tracking links and left it for few days.  When I checked back in, I found no sales or subscriptions.

I logged into my tracking service, and learned the following about my twice confirmed traffic results:

twice confirmed traffic results

  • Unique hits percentage was about 40%  –  this means for every 10 hits to my link, there was only 4 unique visitors – they are sending repeat hits to the same people
  • All hits was attributed as originating from a – the claims about buying & testing traffic from different sources appear to be nothing but empty sales talk.

So I checked out that url in my browser, and this is what showed up:

twice confirmed traffic scam

Looks like just another guaranteed visitors setup.  Nothing new about that, they have been around for ages, and are well know for not delivering results!

My Results with Twice Confirmed Traffic

I followed the suggestions of the ‘Confirmation Bay’, which claims to show what is converting for current members.  However, I had NO RESULTS from my paid traffic and nothing to show from my money spent.


This was a waste of my time and money, and I see reason why it won’t be the same for you.

I suggest you stay away from paid traffic programs like these, and rather focus on taking charge of your own traffic through organic search engine traffic.

Comments & Feedback:

Have you tried this service?  Been scammed by another site?  Leave me a comment and share your experiance, or ask a question if you have any.

19 thoughts on “Twice Confirmed Traffic Scam Review”

  1. Are there any traffic generation services which are useful?
    Even if you can get traffic from a service like this, the traffic is completely useless. I bought a gig on Fiverr where I got hundreds of visitors (sometimes more than a thousand) in a day but not a single sale. I have tried this several times and it has never worked. The fact is that the traffic they get is of very low quality, The people they send to your website has no interest in what you are offering.
    So, no we must find other sources of traffic, either pay for serious advertising or fin free traffic through blogging, forums and social media.
    Thanks for a good review, looking forward to reading your next post.


    • I have not found any paid traffic services which are worth their price.  As you mentioned, the quality of visitors are very low and I have not seen any evidence of anyone actually getting results from these, which bring up the questions if these visitors real or not.

  2. Awww Jeez another wealthy affiliate murder at midnight drive by review by posting so called “scam review” by bad rating one product in favor of another – WEALTHY AFFILIATE.
    Guys I hate your marketing approach and the reviews you’re putting out there to promote wealthy affiliate products is becoming extremely generic and why would you even score wealthy affiliate a solid 60/100? After all you’re paying premium membership so you must have paid $47 or more for the internet business education that teaches you to write non genuine non tested reviews of other people’s product.
    And guys please too much pontificating about Wealthy Affiliate – It’s not the solution to every marketers problem nor is it the holy grail of internet marketing

    • Not tested? Have you actually read the post?

      I get it, WA is not for everyone. Especially not for the lazy or those looking for a copy & paste get rich quick scheme. Wealthy Affiliate works for me and I’d recommend it above anything else that I have seen over 10+ years. Since you are so critical, do have any valuable recommendations of your own to add?

  3. I’ve been burned on Fiverr, solo ads, Facebook, and in “ad swap” type things. It’s all bogus. 10,000 ” hits” reported by the tracking link the sellers provided but only 27 actual hits in Analytics, and 4 clicks to my affiliate link. I think the only real way to get traffic is good old fashioned quality content and SEO.

  4. Wow, I was searching for a review on TCT, glad I found this post.Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have for a long period been suspicious of paid traffic sources.This post has been the final nail in the coffin for me concerning all paid traffic services like TCT.

    Unfortunately these services appeal to anyone in a hurry to get traffic, this was me at one time too. It’s definitely better to focus on generating your own organic traffic, as you’ve said Wally, even though it is a slower process.


    • Hi Paul. I have seen so many posts claiming that paid traffic is good business investment, because once you find a good source you simply ‘rinse and repeat’. In reality the risks of paid traffic are very high and if the time looking for an effective source is actually invested in organic search traffic, the results are much better in my experience.

    • Hi Thomas, that seems to be the experience of everyone who is honest enough to admit it, and not trying to promote it at the same time.

  5. Ya, I have started yesterday but just traffic but no sale yet dont know what will happened in few days just traffic no affiliate i dont understand why they charge then $59 it should be $5-10 a month traffic

    • Hi Jim.
      I have not tried that before. I did have a look at their website, but it seems they are not accepting new customers at the moment.
      So I cannot give you an opinion, sorry


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