USA Lead Club Review Scam Alert

USA lead club
USA Lead Club


From the same scam artists who brought you

And now their latest edition: USA Lead Club.


Name: USA Lead Club
Owner: Tanner Campbell & Daniela Milano (unverified)
Price: $30 Activation + $30 per month subscription
Review Score: 1.0 out of 10

As per my previous review, I am not even going to waste money testing this one out.  Firstly, because it’s so obviously similar to Pennies 4 Profits, and secondly because I have learnt how to spot these websites.  Coming up with new ideas to con their customers with over delivering on promises and under deliver on results is hard work, but they do get lazy in some areas, so it’s not too hard to expose them.

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 What is USA Lead Club and how does it work?

This is another lead generation service, promising 135 “3 question qualified” leads every 24 hours.  They claim that these are less than 72 hours old.

In the sales video, it explains that all leads supposedly answered yes to all 3 of these questions:

  • Do you a valid credit card?
  • Are you ready to invest at least $100 in the right opportunity?
  • Are you ready to get started in the next 30 days?

I don’t know about you, but that does’t really mean anything in terms of proving buying intent, does it?  A lot of users when answering polls like these will say yes to anything, just out of curiosity to see what comes next.  And then of course there is the fact that you are simply taking their word for all of the above.  Yes, the sales video makes it all sound so obvious and wonderful, but video marketing  is a well used sales tactic in internet marketing circles.  They are made by copy-writing experts who know exactly what to say in order to trigger specific buying triggers in your mind.

Like P4P, the service includes the use of their broadcasting tool, so you don’t need your own autoresponder account.  They actually encourage you to use their service, which is expected.  If they control the broadcasting of your emails, they can very easily hide the bounce rates and unsubscribes from you.  Members who have used their own third party mailing service have had some awful experiences (see Warrior Forum screenshot below).

Does USA Lead Club have a refund policy?

Here is their policy according their Terms:

USA lead club scam review
USA Lead Club Terms – Refund & Cancellation

Notice that these are exactly the same as P4P and the other sites listed in the intro?  So you only  have 24 hours to decide if you like this product.  Not enough time, is it?  And by the time you realise that you have been scammed, you will already have parted with $60.  See the costing section below.


I have heard from some users that once they complain about their poor results, they receive a message from support about some kind of ‘error’, has a refund issued and their accounts closed down.  This exactly the same what happened with Pennies 4 Profits.  This is a new tactic used to make their customers move on and not post about their negative experiences.  Strange, but I assume it must be working for them.  Anyway, here is an example of a message that user posted on a blog:

USA lead club scam account refund
Example of USA Lead Club account cancellation notification.

How much will I have to pay for USA Lead Club?

You will pay $30 per month for this service, plus a $30 Activation Fee when you sign up with them.  Oh, you didn’t see the activation fee on the sales page?  Well, just click though to the order page, and you will see it in small print below the $30 per month.  Once again, exactly the same as P4P!!

Will you get results with USA lead club?

I seriously doubt it, even though I have seen some posts on the warrior forum suggesting good results.  But then, there are also posts like these:

USA Lead Club on the Warrior Forum
USA lead club Warrior Forum

But as I have shown in the past, we have to to be careful of fake reviews with these sites.

Here is a snapshot from another review that I found on someones blog:

USA lead club bad results spam complaints
Example of bad USA Lead Club results: spam complaints!


You might have Googled for reviews about USA lead club, and found some raving reviews on the 1st page.  This is also an old tactic I have become very familiar with.  They have so many dedicated affiliates who are very good at SEO, and usually start their reviews in preparation for the launch of these sites.  They even have some Warrior forum accounts them operate to add some fake reviews.

By the time that the real results start to flow, they gave taken money from loads off customers.  Unfortunately some customers get scammed over and over again, and just accept their fate.  They move on without writing a review or posting on forums about their negative experience.

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See the comments section below – real users are starting to tell their stories of getting no results at all.  Even worse, their posts are being deleted on popular internet marketing forums.

Why do these sites keep coming up?

The sad truth is they must be making huge amounts of money from them.  That must be the reason they are showing up one after the other.  Any newbies trying to start start earning online have no idea of the background of these sites, and easily fall for those promising screen shots and results.  And even more sad, some of their previous victims continue to fall for the new sites, simply because they keep thinking that maybe this time they have hit the jackpot.  I wish I knew how to expose those behind the creation of  these sites, but they hide behind the anonymity of the protection of whois guard of domain names.

How can you avoid getting scammed by sites like these?

First, ask yourself how you came about the USA Lead club add in the first place:

  • Did you open an email in your spam folder?
  • Are you using safelists?
  • Are you using traffic exchanges?

All of the above are filled with cons and scams.  You are exposing yourself to loads of web page ads, designed specifically to suck you in.  You need to remove yourself from this and avoid being a sitting duck.

My best suggestion is that you free yourself from these scams.  Close your accounts, unsubscribe from any internet marketing mailing lists.  Trust, me, you will not be missing out.

Then start over and read my review about a truly legit, no-risk opportunity by clicking here.  Sign up for a free starter account. Work through the Getting started or Affiliate Bootcamp course, or both if you like.  Learn the real way to make money online.  Be disciplined and finish your training.  You never have to upgrade if you don’t want to.

In fact, let me show you a short comparison:


Don’t suffer in silence, let your voice be heard!

If you have been scammed by USA Lead Club, any of the other similar sites mentioned in this post, or any other online opportunity, speak out by leaving a comment below!  The reality is that the affiliates with the fake review sites will dominate unless more victims come out and post about their experiences.  If we can create a buzz about these scam sites, you can do your bit to prevent some future buyers from falling into the same trap!

24 thoughts on “USA Lead Club Review Scam Alert”

  1. Nice review Wally. You exposed USA Lead Club very well. You touched upon very important aspects of this program and I totally agree with you that there are a lot of reviews on the internet compiled by scammers and folks that are just starting online should be very careful. Warrior forum is also not a good place to take info from because very often they defend obvious scams. And a free sign up to Wealthy Affiliate that you suggest in your review is the best part of your review simply because WA is the best place for anyone staring online.

    • Thanks, you are right about the Warrior Forum. I have read that some accounts were deleted after posting false testimonials about P4P and the other similar ones. It is a shame that some newbies still prefer the promises of quick, easy money and ignore the legit way like Wealthy Affiliate

  2. Hi Wally, I have come across P4P before but was lucky enough to not be fooled by their marketing talk. These companies seem to spring up around this time of year every year and it still amazes me that they are allowed to get away with their antics.

    I hope a lot of people see your site and steer clear of these rogue companies.


    • Thanks Lis, glad you didn’t fall for their deceptive marketing techniques. I wish I had this kind of knowledge when I first started out, but sometimes you have makes mistakes to learn. I’m hoping that by posting about the obvious one I can lick out without even buying, I could potentially stop someone else from falling for it.

  3. I left two posts like the one below on the Warrior Forum, but those posts have been since deleted. I also posted a comment on another blog with similar information, but the moderator did not post it.

    With using the internal broadcast emailer at USALeadClub, I had a ‘supposed’ 1966 ‘opens’ of emails I had sent out. I was tracking all the links within those emails and NONE of those links were ever clicked.
    Zero clicks.
    Zero click through rate. Zilch.

    The next day after I posted this type of comment on WF, I got a ‘refund’ notification from USALeadClub because they said there was a problem with my mailing queue in their system so they were refunding my money. They stated they were sorry for the inconvenience – LOL – but the programmers were on it, making necessary corrections – another LOL!

    The confusing part is this – my two posts on Warrior Forum were both deleted.

    • Hi Stan, thanks for posting your experience here, and not giving up when your previous posts got deleted or ignored!
      I can already spot the fake review blogs and no, they will not post your comment. I am hoping to counter that by giving the opportunities for victims to have their voices heard here.

      That is really worrying about the Warrior Forum. I always knew that a lot of reviews in there are fake, but at least some real ones would be in the mix as well. I remember reading in there about Pennies 4 Profits also doing the sudden refund thing. i have no idea what that is about and why they would do it, but the reasons given are almost identical- once again! Clearly this another P4P clone.

      How much did they refund you? Just the last month, or all your costs including the signup fee.

  4. Not from them per say (being scammed) but from far worse, where I lost thousands and thousands of dollars that I can never get back. That’s is why I am glad this site is available to get the info to not make the same mistakes.

    • Sorry to hear that you have been scammed like that David. But glad that you have found Wealthy Affiliate, I always enjoy your posts in the WA community.

  5. I also used this service for a month and have had a BAD experience. I was mailing them every day with decent, popular, different offers ( I’m not a newbie ) and had no clicks on my links, no sales, and no subscribers. So I copied a random no of emails about 100-200 of them and sent them an email from my personal gmail. I basically asked them if they are a real person and if they signed up with any company to receive make money online offers. Hundreds of the emails bounced. I had one reply from a gentleman who said he never subscribed to any such service,and he wasn’t interested in such offers. So I am very suspicious of anybody saying this leads convert. If they were so good why there is only 1-2 people on safelists promoting usa lead club? Youtube is full of bad reviews about this club.

    • Well done for a very clever way of testing the leads Anna. You have proved that the USA Lead Club is a scam that provides false leads. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience here. I really hope more that more people will see your post before they loose money on this.

  6. I forgot to add, when first time I requested a refund on the grounds of no results after mailing for a month, ( at the end of the month I had over 4 000 leads and NO CLICKS! ) they REFUSED ME,and told me to try harder, try different offer etc
    It is only then that I tried emailing these leads from my personal gmail. So many of them bounced I got really mad, and told the customer service what I discovered and ask for a full refund again – $60. This time they gave me, and told me I can still promote and earn money as an affiliate! Ridiculous as that!

    • Well done for not giving up and getting your refunds. They rely on most customers just giving up. And that affiliate thing you mentioned is the same trick from Submission Works – when I cancelled my account there they added $20 to my affiliate account and encouraged me to promote! Of course the minimum cash out was $40, so no risk fro them there.

  7. Isn’t the same guys than organic prospects? If not then it’s the same bull trust me! After a few days trying them out, NO HITS from the provided leads.
    After a few mails guess what? Hummm looks like a bug. Sorry, here’s your refund!

    You see the way these clowns are working is simple. Lots and lots of people don’t track their stuff. So there is no way for them to know FOR real if they are getting results from the system. Also, a precentage of them WON’T argue and just cancel. Which is easy money for them. It’s a game number. The more they get suckers, the more they make. Even with refunds. IT WORKS!

    • That is quite possible what you suggest Andre. It must be working really well for them, if they are willing to refund anyone smart enough to track their results. I guess a lot of users don’t bother to challenge them for a refund, or to check the real CTR of their campaigns.

      The whole setup is unethical.

  8. Thanks, seemed too good to be true. I had an email yesterday on this business stating, ” I checked my stats 24 hours later to find 399 clicks and 12 sales!” Well when I looked further my security blocked it re mention of phishing attempt.

  9. Hey Wally, I just saw this on leased ad space and i tried to do some digging up and only reviews i see are from 2014 and 2015 but all of the sudden i see it popping back up again… you know if it is the same people. I am exploring all options on leads thanks

    • Michael I would stay away from this. Probably still the same people & affiliates promoting it. I would be careful buying leads from anyone, it is not a good business principle. Rather build your own business as suggested in my recommendations.

  10. Pennies for Profit, USA Leads, Organic Mailer, are Crooks of the worst sort. The Internet Is Committing suicide by letting these type sites to be up and running. Maybe BoostMyOnlineBiz also!

    • Hi John. It is pretty bad, especially when you only have 24 hours for a refund request which is not nearly enough time to prove results. Have not looked into into Organic Mailer and BoostMyOnlineBiz, will put in on my list to look into.


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