Pennies 4 Profits Review Scam Alert

  A new product called Pennies for Products has recently launched, claiming some amazing results,with leads costing just “pennies”.  I decided to write a review, but to be upfront:  this had very familiar SCAM characteristics to it, so I did not even waste my money on it.  But stay with me, read on and all … Read more

Team Atlantis Trafficwave Downline Builder – Honest Review

What is the Team Atlantis Trafficwave Downline Builder team and how does it work?  I tried it for a while and this is my honest review and experience.  Overview: Name: Team Atlantis Website: Owner: Didi Wargo Price: Free, but TW upgrade required @ $17.95 per month Review Score: 6.5 out of 10   Important update: It … Read more

Traffic Elixir Review – A Scam that Does not Work as it Claims!

  This my honest, non affiliate, no bonus type review of  Traffic Elixir, just another Precious Ngwu up-sell scam.   Name: Traffic Elixir Website: Owner: Precious Ngwu Price: 49.95 + $315 in upsells + spinning software $37 per month Rebview Score: 3.7 out of 10   Introduction – What is Traffic Elixir and How Does … Read more

Easy Hits 4U Free Web Page Builder Review

My Review of the Easy Hits 4U Free Web Page Builder Service   Name: EasyHits4U Easy Splash Builder Website: Page or Website? Page Free Sites/Pages: 3 pages Compulsory Ads? Yes Upgrade? 100 pages for $7.45 per month Review Score 5.9 out of 10 Overview of the service The website is not primarily a free … Read more

Submission Works Scam Review – Does it really work

Overall Ranking:          1/10 Price:                              59.95 per month Owners:                       Brandon Wheeler Website:               INTRODUCTION The Submission Works sales page claims it to be revolutionary software with $77,000 investment in the development. First warning signs are the sales page, a typically … Read more

What can I sell online?

“I want to start an online business, but I’m not sure what I can sell online.”   These were the same kind of thoughts I faced when I first started out on my online journey. Most of us have some kind of awareness that there a loads of money being made online, but how do … Read more

3C Contact Services signs Empower Network

3C Contact Services signs Empower Network as new client – do they know what they’re in for?   I just saw a press release from a company called 3C Contact Services, announcing that they are “proud” to have the highly controversial company Empower Network as a new client.  Though I have never been part of … Read more

Vick Strizheus Scam

Vick Strizheus Scam – Is he still going at it?   I did not originally intend to include scam discussion on this site, but when you are involved in any type of earning online activity, you also get exposed to the con artists and scams.  And the only way to expose these scams are to … Read more

How to start an online business at home

How to start an online business at home with no previous experience? There are many different ways to start an online business at home, because there are endless ways to start a business on the web and off the web. But there are some basics, or foundations that you need to get right, regardless of … Read more

Hobbies That Make Money

Hobbies That Make Money – turning your passion into income Do you spend a lot of time on your hobbies, and even invest a bit of money in them?   Have you ever considered you could be spending time doing hobbies that make money, without knowing?  Your hobbies are things you enjoy and are passionate about.  … Read more